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Examples of nickname certificates.

At the beginning, you get a Wooden Certificate. However, the more people view your certificate, for instance on websites, forums, on your blog or social network page, the more your certificate level increases.

New levels provide additional features.

Wooden Certificate: up to 10 views.

Example of the Wooden Certificate

Silver Certificate: from 10 to 99 views.

Additional features:

  • Set your URL (page address) for the certificate
  • Nickname hashtags
Example of the Silver Certificate

Golden Certificate: from 100 to 999 views.

Additional features:

  • Upload an avatar on the certificate page
  • Opportunity to participate in the TOP-300 rating
Example of the Golden Certificate

Platinum Certificate: from 1,000 to 9,999 views.

Additional feature: Add a personal signature to the certificate

Example of the Platinum Certificate

Diamond Certificate: from 10,000 views.

Additional features:

  • Extension of validity period to 5 years (instead of standard 3 years)
  • Doesn't participate in the consideration of requests for replacement of the nickname owner
Example of the Diamond Certificate

It is very easy to increase the number of views – simply post/embed your certificate on social network pages, on a website, in a blog, or tell your friends that your certificate has been registered.

Also, see our FAQ: How to embed the certificate on a website/in a blog/in a social network?

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See also: Distribution of registered nicknames by certificate types in the Analytics section.